Tuesday, December 4, 2012


My Mom says that I was born to sing.  She says that even as a little baby I absolutely LOVED to sing.  I can clearly remember my first paid gig on a Greyhound bus headed to New York City during the Christmas season. I say it was a paid gig but actually it amounted to me being a little 6 year old, standing in the aisles, singing Christmas songs on bus while collecting quarters, half sandwichs, candy and smiles as payment.

I have been a singer all of my life, all throughout my high school years, college career, and young adulthood but in recent years I moved away from my craft. After Hurricane Katrina I completely lost my desire to sing and/or perform. It was as if the storm took away my voice in the midst of the destruction of so many lives in the gulf coast region.

After a seven year hiatus from singing I found myself thrust back into the art of performing.  I realized just how powerful music is in telling a story and delivering a message.  I was reminded of how much music was a part of who I am.

This year I gave myself a long awaited birthday gift--a recorded LOVE SONG!  For years it has been my desire to record my own music and share the message of love with the world.  Well on November 10, 2012 (my birthday) I fulfilled a long awaited dream by recording and sharing my first recorded "love song" with the world.  The song is called So High!

Please listen to the YouTube video and share with your friends!    

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