Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Black Love Renaissance Part 2: Loving Black Men

I absolutely LOVE black men. As part of my Black Love Renaissance series I decided to share my thoughts on my blog about what "exactly" I love about the Brothers. There is something that is so beautiful, so sexy, so seductive, so interesting, so comforting, and so enjoyable about being in the presence and/or company of a good black man. Unfortunately, we are constantly bombarded with negative images of our men in the media.  But we know the real deal. 

I know sisters that are so "jaded" from former bad relationships that they've given up hope and aren't able to recognize the overall goodness in our men. Usually I try not to engage in those discussions. However, I must admit that "I too" have been caught up in the midst of anger and shared my own "choice words" about the brothers. But even in my most frustrating moments...I have never stopped loving and/or admiring our men. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE "BROS". 

I decided to make a quick list of 7 different types of black men that I admire....  

The Thinker

Sisters, is there anything sexier than watching a brother read a book or engage in great discussions and intellectual conversations with you?  I wish they knew how much that is a TURN ON!!! Whew! Personally, I love brothers that see themselves as learners as well as teachers.  There is simply nothing better than having a man who is consciously aware of the conditions in our community and passionate enough to do something about it. A "true thinker" is constantly evolving and growing.  I think this type of man has the fortitude to value the opinions and thoughts of his woman without feeling intimidated or insecure within himself.

The Athlete

How about those biceps along with a six pack? Black athletes are incredibly SEXY.  Somebody please bring me a glass of ice water!!! What I like most about an athletic brother is his drive to win. I LOVE A WINNER!  But what I find even sexier is a man that can take a loss as a lesson to shift, adjust and do better the next time.  Athletes are trained on how to take a loss and get back at it again.  They usually can handle defeat without feeling defeated.  

The Warrior/Protector

Back in the day it bothered me that my boyfriend seemed unfazed by watching violent movies.  I really couldn't understand why men seemed to be unfazed by violent movies. Was it socialization or instinct? Why were men wired so differently?  Well I have learned to appreciate that attribute in a man that will "protect first and ask questions later."  Perhaps God has equipped our male counterparts with a higher tolerance for violence to serve as a protection mechanism.  I don't know the answer but I do know that I certainly feel protected around a brother. Testosterone certainly makes a difference! 

The Worshipper

My prayer for companionship is, "God please give me a praying man that is after your own heart."  When I see a man that openly worships and honors God then I know that this Brother understands real power. A man that loves God will certainly know how to cherish and love God's gift to him.  "The prayers of the righteous man availeth much."  

The Comedian

Laughter is the quickest way to my heart.  I so appreciate a man that doesn't take life too seriously. It feels good when a man makes you smile! I love   having the company of a man with a great sense of humor, beautiful smile, and hearty laugh.  
The Lover

Lover of knowledge...
Lover of life...
Lover of greatness...
Lover of touch...
Lover of justice...
Lover of ideas...
Lover of music...
Lover of truth...
Lover of intimacy!

The Artist

Well...y'all know that I HAD to find some way to put Prince in the mix. It's the royal purple one. That's my BABY!!!(smile) 
"i feel 4 you, i think i love you...."
"i wanna be your lover.."
" how come you don't call me anymore.." 

What is it that you LOVE about black men????

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