Monday, January 31, 2011

New Year's Resolution

Greetings Friends,

Happy New Year!  I promised myself that I was going to post to my blog more consistently in 2011.  It is my goal to post a new blog article each month.  Well...unfortunately I have waited to the very last minute to post something for January 2011.  But this year my goal is to honor my own personal commitments. 

I pray that each you will be blessed to receive the desires of your heart(s).  Stay tune for some new upcoming posts about love and relationships.  Love is a beautiful thing!

Peace and Blessings,


angelove said...

Love is patient. Love is kind. Divine Love never fail. Divine love is God's unconditional expression of our life. It is without judgement.God's love just keep giving. God's love allows us all the space to find and be who we are. We don't have nothing to prove to God. He already knows everything about us. In relationships God brings us face to face, spirit to spirit, and ego to ego with ourselves. When we fix in ourselves what we see in others, we heal the brokeness in our all our relationships.Yes, it is truly all about love. God's Love.

Anonymous said...

Love Loves Lovers love lovingly loving.